Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going to meet Rob Thomas!!


Did you hear me screaming all the way from (insert wherever you are??)

So earlier this week I ordered tickets for a friend & I to go see Rob Thomas in October. I was pretty psyched about it, feeling oh-so-happy...looking forward to it, and then I got a phone call that would change my life forever. (I just had to say that. Sorry.)

My sweet, thoughtful, and funny-as-heck friend managed to get us 2 tickets to a small, PRIVATE ACOUSTIC CONCERT AND MEET & GREET with Rob this week. I thought it was a joke..the radio station was giving them away and they GAVE them to us after the DJ heard my story about how Rob helped me through some really, really, really rough times. He just...gave us the tickets. We find out more details on Monday, and then Tuesday we go to this mysterious MEET & GREET with Rob. Rob Thomas. I'm going to meet Rob Thomas.

Did I mention I'm going to meet Rob Thomas? I am so happy. I am truly, truly, thrilled! Happy! I just want the chance to say to him how grateful I am for the words he writes...that his music reaches out and helps so many people through so many things. He truly is a lyrical genius, and I am finally going to have the opportunity to tell him how much that has meant to me.

This is a no-autograph Meet & Greet, but we can take pictures, so I'll be sure to post them.



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